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Southeast River Journey is completed!

April 8, 2021

I want to express my gratitude to all who supported this work through the GoFundMe campaign. We surpassed the goal and on March 12, I departed from Minnesota driving southeast in the camper. On the way I worked with two rivers in Iowa, then a number of sacred sites of the Mississippian ancient cultures and their temple mounds. There I carried out some special processes and opened a star

gate in the southern tip of Illinois where a very sacred energy was present.

From there I continued on and worked with 24 rivers sourcing in Alabama, southern Georgia and all through Florida. Since my last work with the rivers over a year ago, I have found the planetary energies incredibly expansive and brilliant and so it was with each of the rivers, The site has been updated with the full story through the interactive map, a new photo album on the river journeys page, and a new video slide show.

It is a privilege and honor to do this work and I’m celebrating the fact that I have completed all the major rivers and tributaries in the contiguous United States, a few in Canada, and the Ganges and Amazon rivers with the help of adventurous friends. That is 280 rivers!

Where I go from here, I don’t know. I’ll just let that unfold as I know it will.

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Sep 12, 2021

I noticed that there is a north running river in Tennessee that is awesome you haven't discovered yet. Hopefully you'll visit TN soon.

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