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 Breathe:  Official release:  February 3, 2019

New CD Release Breathe

In addition to being an energy worker, I'm also a singer songwriter with a 20 year touring history and seven CD releases. My new release BREATHE is a heart-centered journey with spirit and includes the track “River” that tells the story of my journey with river activation.  You can purchase or download the CD at itunes or amazon music stores or CD Baby

Other music by Barb Ryman


Catch the Sunset


Falling Down To Heaven

Like a Tree

Lay Me Open

Winds of Good Fortuen

all available at CD Baby

and other online music stores like itunes,

amazon music , and  google play

Barb Ryman breathe cover.jpg
Catch the Sunset - Barb Ryman
Breathe - Barb Ryman
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